Lab members

Dan Goodman (2014-)
Unifying principles of intelligent systems.

Postdocs and Fellows

Marcus Ghosh (2021-)
Multisensory integration in biological and simulated neural networks.
Danyal Akarca (2024-)
Principles of biological and artificial cognition.

PhD students

Yang Chu (2016-)
Principles of neural computation and simulation techniques
Gabriel Béna (2021-)
Modularity of neural systems.
Swathi Anil (2023-)
Models of temporal multisensory processing (visiting PhD student).
Greta Horvathova (2023-)
Information bottlenecks in intelligent systems.

Former members

Arnaud Tournier (Postdoc 2022-2022)
Meta-learning and spatial audio
Nicolas Perez (PhD 2018-2023)
Multiresolution processing with heterogeneous spiking neural networks
Isaac Engel (PhD 2016-2021)
Auditory augmented reality
Lotte Weerts (PhD 2016-2021)
Auditory neuroscience, information theory and machine learning
Pamela Hathway (PhD 2016-2020)
Large scale neural data analysis.
Jonathan Zheng (PhD 2016-2020)
Interactive systems for ecosystems and neuroscience.
Jean-Hugues Lestang (PhD 2015-2019)
Auditory neuroscience: sound localisation, neural adaptation.