I am interested in supervising students with a strong mathematical, computational or neuroscience background. Projects could be carried out in several possible areas relating to the work in the group. Some suggestions for topics that would be interesting to me are below, but I'm very happy to consider other possibilities. In addition to working within the group, studying at Imperial College provides excellent opportunities for interacting with other theoretical and experimental researchers, both at Imperial and in the many neuroscience groups in London.

Applicants for a PhD position should initially send me a brief CV and cover letter with a description of research interests or a proposed project, and will eventually have to formally apply through the standard Imperial College mechanism (for more information, see here). There are several opportunities for funding which we can discuss if you are offered a position. Note that a masters degree is required for PhD study at Imperial: please see the PhD requirements page (and the Country-specific requirements).

I am also interested in supervising PhD students in neuroinformatics as part of the HiPEDS CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training in High Performance Embedded and Distributed Systems). Note that a masters degree is also required for entry.


I do not currently have any open postdoctoral positions, but please get in touch if you are interested in applying for your own funding through a fellowship scheme, for example.

Themes and suggested topics

Neural processing

Auditory and other sensory systems

Machine learning and neuroscience

Simulation and data analysis